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I'm Holly- a wife,  mom of 4 boys, and a free spirit. For many years, I struggled with money, time management, and the constant anxiety of deciding whether to get my car fixed or pay the gas bill. As a server/bartender, and then later as a hospital employee, I was always missing out on family events. Working weekends and holidays meant I missed my boys' wrestling meets, holidays, birthday parties, and more. Not only was I missing all of it, but I was doing so to just barely scrape by. My kids were experiencing new things every day, and I was missing it.

I'm ambitious, hard-working, and creative. There just had to be another way to live. I tried side-hustle after side-hustle, with no results. Then I stumbled upon something amazing..

Fast forward to today. I've taken the summer to work with kids in my community. I have more time and patience for my family. I'm on track to being home with them full-time, and even cutting my husband's hours so he can be home more too! Now that I know what I know, I feel called to share it with other working moms who have been dreaming of more time, space, and flexibility in their lives.

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From burnout at 25 to full time van-lifer & multiple 6-figure online biz. Helping millenials build their dream lifestyle beyond burnout!
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Just an average guy who left construction for a life with a laptop & a last minute trip overseas - now running a multiple 6-figure online biz

In My Perfect World...

I wouldn't have to hustle to get my shifts covered when my kids have a sporting event or band concert. I have the physical and mental energy to take my boys to the beach, the zoo, the movies - often! When they express interest in sports and other activities, I don't have to make them choose just one. My husband and I can pay a babysitter and go on a date, to a NICE restaurant and NOT look at the prices on the menu before choosing our meals. In my perfect world, my children are flourishing and I get to be there to see it. My husband and I have the time and energy to pour into our marriage, not just work and the kids. And I don't have to worry about how much PTO I've accrued if I want to take my family on a trip. Sound like familiar daydreams??